Acquired Brain Injury

We provide care and support services to individuals with an acquired brain injury. We can offer 24 hour supported accommodation right through to support in an individual’s own home

All our services are focused on the Person-Centred Approach.  This means we aim to establish that the most holistic and appropriate range of care and support is provided. Hence each individual’s care and support plan help them to identify their goals which encompass their social, psychological, spiritual, physical, cultural, educational and dietary needs. Throughout their placement, they are empowered at all times to identify the areas to work on and what they want to achieve from the care and support provided.  We strive to improve an individual’s quality of life and to help them realise any areas where independence can be gained. We will work with families and multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the best outcome for the individual.

There is an expectation that all customers will work towards maximising their social, domestic and interpersonal skills. We understand that this takes repeated effort, time, patience, care and kindness. The intention is to move service users on into a less supportive environment if and when they become fully equipped and able to manage.  Many have moved on from 24-hour support into semi-independent accommodation or their own flat.  Our staff are dedicated to working in this way and we have successfully helped individuals to drastically improve their quality of life.  Hence, we repeatedly receive high levels of customer satisfaction from feedback in surveys and placement reviews.

We understand that some of the individuals had a very active life before, we understand it can be very difficult adjusting and now relying on staff for support.  In view of this we strive to ensure where possible, individuals are able to continue with activities and relationships which they previously had person centred support plans and robust risk assessments ensure that an individual is supported with rebuilding and sustaining daily living and social skills.

Our support is delivered through highly skilled, experienced teams. Our training programmes ensure our people have the right levels of experience and up-to-date knowledge to ensure the support provided is centred on individual needs. Each team member undertakes regular training with additional support provided through our in house training team and, working in partnership with external specialist partners and local authorities including:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Continuing Healthcare Teams
  • Case Managers/ Social Workers
  • Acquired Brain Injury, Learning Disability and Mental Health teams