Mental Health Recovery Support

Stepping Stones Services is focused on the recovery of our service users’ mental health.

The recovery process:

  • Provides a holistic view of mental illness that focuses on the person, not just their symptoms
  • Believes recovery from severe mental illness is possible
  • Is a journey rather than a destination
  • Does not necessarily mean getting back to where you were before
  • Happens in ‘fits and starts’ and, like life, has many ups and downs
  • Calls for optimism and commitment from all concerned
  • Is profoundly influenced by people’s expectations and attitudes
  • Requires a well organised system of support from family, friends or professionals
  • This requires services to embrace new and innovative ways of working.


How we do this is by supporting people to have;

  • Good relationships
  • Financial security
  • Satisfying work
  • Personal growth
  • The right living environment
  • Developing one’s own cultural or spiritual perspectives
  • By developing resilience to possible adversity or stress in the future
  • Being believed in
  • Being listened to and understood
  • Getting explanations for problems or experiences
  • By having the opportunity to temporarily resign responsibility during periods of crisis