Mental Health

Our staff  are trained to work with a holistic approach with the service users, to enable them to access all local resources in the community, supporting them to maintain their independence as much as possible, learn new skills, and build their confidence.

By setting a person centred early intervention program, missions and goals are set to meet their individual dreams and aspirations. Our support staff are aware that people with a physical and sensory disability are at an increased risk of developing a mental health issues, and are trained to recognise any early signs.

Our staff are trained to follow these guidelines:

Early Intervention Program Mission and Goals

Our aim with the Early Intervention Program is to identify and evaluate an individual’s independence and provide appropriate intervention. We do this by:

  • Understanding the prevalence of mental health problems for people with physical disabilities and complex communication needs
  • Working with specialist and mental health services, helping the individual with complex communication and mental health needs access these services


Family and Support Networks Centered:

We believe in working alongside families and other support networks to establish each individuals goals, aims and aspirations. Identifying skills they need to regain and develop. Showing how these skills can be transferable to other areas, to increase independence.

  • Support the individual to educate and develop the skills of those already a part of their support network, enabling the individual to develop their skills at a greater pace
  • Create opportunities for full participation of the individual in their communities by ensuring services are delivered in natural environments

Measurable Outcomes for Individuals

Stepping Stones staff will work with the service users to achieve measurable outcomes :

  • By empowering the individual to see the progress they have made and building on the outcomes
  • Working with the individual to withdraw support in areas where they have gained more control and confidence
  • Identifying assistive technology or daily living aids that individuals can use to enhance their independence


Early Intervention & Medical Needs:

We ensure that the individual is able to access all the necessary services that will enhance their life and reduce the need for long term support.  We will support the individual to access services to meet their individual needs, including:

  • Speech pathology and audiology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological services
  • Nursing services
  • Nutrition services
  • Social work services
  • Vision services

Assistive Technology

At Stepping Stones we realise that assistive technology may not be the answer for everybody as one size does not fit all. However, most people can benefit from the right piece of assistive technology to meet their individual needs. We reassess individuals at different stages of their progress, which allows the individual more choice of available equipment usage, which will enhance independence and speeds up recovery and independent living.