Physical Disabilities

Stepping Stones Services will work with you and the people closest to you to help us deliver a package of support and assistance, personalised to your needs and wishes.

Our service is always focused on what is important to you. We believe in a truly personal approach that enables people with a sensory or physical  impairment to live independently by providing support and accessing  necessary services, benefits, community groups and advice.

We will work with you to create a person centred support plan designed to meet your needs, focused on the outcomes you require, working with you to achieve them. Making your  life as active and independent as possible, our staff can assist with daily tasks at home including personal hygiene, dressing, housework, doing the laundry and preparing meals, and attending health appointments.

Our staff will support you to continue with, or become involved in, voluntary work, formal employment, educational courses and other leisure or social activities, as well as with trips to visit family and friends and places like the bank, doctor’s surgery or shops.

Who we support:

  • people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment
  • people with sight loss or visual impairment
  • people with a hearing and visual impairment
  • People who have a physical disability

How We Support:

  • Accessing assistive technology and equipment for deaf people that they may need in their daily life, for example, flashing doorbells or text phones
  • Experienced  British Sign Language staff
  • Support in accessing advocacy services
  • Support in budgeting, accessing benefits and managing finances
  • Supporting clients to access GP, Dentist, Optician, and any other appointments as required
  • Support clients to gain confidence to enable them to stay  independent
  • Support to maintain and monitor medication routine, stock, ordering, reviews and compliance
  • Consistent approach and support team to reduce anxiety and build trust
  • Support client around budgeting and financial management daily living costs/ planning
  • Activity planning with the client to build structure and support mental well-being
  • Support the service user to build self esteem and build their confidence by setting simple goals and then building on them
  • Support around diet and nutrition/healthy eating and education
  • Support to maintain tenancy