Supported Living

In the past housing for people with a learning disability or mental health condition was often institutionalised or limited to residential care homes. Supported living is designed to help people retain their independence in their local community, living the way they want. Using local housing and services allows people to live closer to their families and loved ones. Individuals choose who they live with, who supports them and how they want to be supported. It offers them choice and responsibility.

All accommodation is furnished to a high standard and people are encouraged and supported to make their own choices regarding decoration of their homes.


Support that we offer for individuals in supported living model:

  • Support in applying for and obtaining right benefits
  • Supporting people to keep their homes safe regular Fire checks, smoke alarm checks
  • Supporting people to maintain their tenancy, setting up utility accounts, contents insurance
  • Supporting people to budget and take care of their finances, using budget planners, meal planners, activity planners
  • Supporting people to make new friendships, access voluntary work placements, attend all appointments, health checks, and to be a part of the community
  • Support and develop daily living skills including shopping , cooking, cleaning


We will work with the families and relevant professionals, and care pathways will be based on the individual needs of each person. Regular reviews ensure that any change in the needs is reflected in their person centered plan to achieve a progressively independent life.